A1 Contents

Unit 1- Hello!

Getting started: Talk about countries and flags

1A. Say your name and country

1B. Talk about people you know

1C. Meet and greet new people

Unit 2 – All about me

Getting started: Talk about how many objects people have

2A. Talk about your hometown

2B. Talk about possessions and common objects

2C. Ask for and give personal information

Unit 3 – Food and drink

Getting started: Talk about food in the fridge

3A. Say what you eat and drink

3B. Talk about food and meals

3C. Order and pay in a café

Unit 4 – my life and my family

Getting started: Talk about who people are and what they do

4A. Talk about your life and ask about others

4B. Talk about your family

4C. Ask and talk about photos

Unit 5 – Places

Getting started: Talk about an unusual hotel

5A. Describe a town

5B. Talk about hotels and hostels

5C. Ask about and say where places are

Unit 6 – Work and routines

Getting started: Talk about people and robots’ jobs and routines

6A. Talk about people’s jobs

6B. Talk about daily routines and habits

6C. Make and accept offers

Unit 7 – Shopping and fashion

Getting started: Talk about the clothes on a market stall

7A. Talk about things you want to buy

7B. Talk about clothes that people wear

7C. Ask about and pay for things in a shop

Unit 8 – Past events

Getting started: Talk about your last new year

8A. Talk about past events

8B. Describe events in the past

8C. Make and respond to suggestions

Unit 9 – Holidays

Getting started: Talk about an interesting holiday

9A. Talk about travel and holiday experiences

9B. Talk about past holidays

9C. Make and respond to request

Unit 10 – Here and now

Getting started: Talk about communicating on the internet

10A. Talk about your home

10B. Ask where people are and what they are doing

10C. Ask for travel information

Unit 11 – Achievers

Getting started: Talk about climber’s experience

11A. Talk about people’s lives

11B. Talk about things you know how to do

11C. Talk about opinions

Unit 12 – Plans

Getting started: Talk about holiday plans

12A. Talk about future plans

12B.  Ask and answer about future plans

12C. Make and accept invitations

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