My online English course – learning and progress

Your learning

This page shows details of any online English course that you are currently enrolled on at Britannica Academy. Click the ‘expand’ button to see all the lesson content – lessons are made up of learning modules, activities, quizzes, videos and assessment tasks. All lesson modules must be opened, and any assessment tasks completed successfully, before the lesson is marked as ‘complete’. You cannot move onto the next lesson until the previous lesson has been completed.

Course progress

You can view the progress that you are making in each lesson and the in course overall. This is shown as a green bar in the table below, as well as a percentage of the course or lesson activity that has been completed successfully. Click any of the lesson activities to view them again or continue with your learning by selecting your next activity. You need to study the course in the correct order though – don’t jump ahead in your learning as you will need to apply the skills and concepts that are taught in previous activities and lessons.

Help and advice

Remember, there are other many other students, from countries all around the world, all learning English and enrolled in your course and studying the same lessons as you. Why not discuss your learning or ask questions in the group forum? Perhaps there is something that you are not sure about or don’t understand. Maybe you can help other students who need advice and support with lessons that you have completed already.




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